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Yeah, I just went in for a $700 oil change. It was supposed to be about $60 but when they did the tire rotation they saw I had no breaks. Almost literally. There was so little of the front break pads left that you couldn’t tell where they should have been.

A few hours and many hundreds latter and I have new breaks. They definitely feel better, but I feel kind of poor. At least there is no truck payment this month 🙂

Does anyone have any experience with AAA Insurance or Ameriprise Insurance (via Costco)? My renewal is coming up and am wondering if I should switch. I don’t want to end up at a crappy customer service company to save $50 a year. I have Progressive right now.

See this truck?


What is it? A dirty Tundra? Yep. But it is *my* dirty Tundra. I stopped by the bank this morning and made the final payoff of just over $1000. In less than 10 days I will have the title in hand.


Then again I just put $85 worth of gas into it yesterday…