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Damn it. I guess I am growing up. What fun is that?

Tim Schrick is not the Stig. Or at least the only one.

I’m finally got to use my new toy on Sunday morning. What is it you ask? It is a Smith and Wesson Sigma .40. It may prove to be the most wildly in-accurate gun I have ever shot. At 7 yards, 4 different people shot at a paper target and no one has any clue where the shots were going. Sickening. I took it apart last night and made sure the spring was centered and that the barrel looks clean so maybe next time out it won’t suck. .40 ammo is not cheap- about $17 for 50 rounds, so it would be a true waste to have it be useless.

Canada is going to try and ask the border guards to check iPods and the like for infringing material. Um… how? If I move all of my CDs onto my iPod I am still qualifying for fair use. How do they know if I still have the CD or if I borrowed it or if I downloaded it from limewire? You really can’t tell one way or the other. Irritating.

Neat article about the changing demographics of stray dogs in Moscow. Even the dogs are adapting to the changing Russian society- including stopping at lights to let traffic go and riding the subway.

Have a great Thursday everyone. The weekend is almost here, I can nearly taste it.