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Running Woes

So one of my yearly goals was to run 700 miles in 2008. Yeah. That is probably not going to happen. I rolled my ankle yesterday morning. I heard at least three distinct pops. Yes I screamed like a little girl. It hurts like a mo-fo. I probably ought to see a doctor, but I would rather just whine on the internet.

I survived week one of my survivor pool. Four people are already eliminated (Detroit and Indy) and two more have picks tonight. I am looking at next week and am unclear who to go with yet. Fantasy football looks good this year. I crushed in one of my leagues, am hanging tough in one, and getting beat in the other- but scoring some points. I also went 15/20 picking college top 25 against the spread. I could make money with that ratio.

I ran 3.15 miles this morning and that put me just over 50% complete of my 700 mile goal.

The heat at the end of May and all of June was pretty killer on my running. I made myself run early morning and late evening to keep on trucking.

It is nice to be on target for one of my 2008 goals.

Off to Mexico in 4 days. My good friend Brian is getting married. About 40 people will be at the all-inclusive resort just south of Cancun. Should be good times.

Not much poker in the last month. I have been reading some of the books I have to try and sharpen the mind, but no felt time and very little virtual felt time.