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I went to see the Toadies last night at Stubb’s here in Austin. I always enjoy a good show and they certainly put one on. It was a nice mix of well known popular hits along with their newest released stuff that isn’t getting airplay (yet). They seem to be having a lot of fun doing classic rock intros between songs and other stage antics to shake up the crowd. They have two more shows in Austin this week (tonight and Friday). I recommend going if you have the means.

Today, Dell released their new micro laptop: the Dell Mini. I’m thinking of picking one up. With a 16G SSD, 1G of RAM and running Ubuntu linux it is about $450. I have an employee discount (or should) but not sure how much. It weighs just over 2 pounds but I don’t know what the battery life would look like. It is very intriguing at least.