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Unhappy News

My grandfather has been pretty sick the last week or so. He had a stroke several years ago and it was first thought this was a second one. It was not. He has double pneumonia which has exacerbated several of the symptoms of his previous stroke. The doctors have no optimism about his recovery, but he has already outlived their estimations from yesterday.

I’ll give the old man a lot of credit. He was a medic during WW2 and a beat cop for years in Worcester, MA. He is tough, smart, and will not give up. The stoke didn’t do it and this pneumonia won’t do it quickly. He just had his 95th birthday on Sunday.

I will be flying up there in the next few days although it is unclear exactly when. I’m not looking forward to the trip- I would rather remember him for his great stories rather than his funeral.

I will miss you Grampa Lenny.

[Update: He passed this evening. The funeral will be either Saturday or Monday. They are predicting some pretty bad weather Friday and Saturday so they are thinking of postponing the service until early next week. Rest in Peace Grampa.]