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  1. Unified is a part of Nationwide internet. They are a rollup and also bought the servers from Sunrockets, thus the account stuff etc. The transfer is seamless, but you can buy time as it’s a month to month and no fees associated. A porting of a number can take 30-45 days and Sunrocket accounts will be dead by then and you will have no where to go and no number, so spend the $12.95 for 1-2 months and then decide.

  2. Best is the transition to myteleblend and it’s month to mounth and a part of nationwide internet…. they bought the servers and system from sunrocket….

  3. Thanks Fred. $13 I can handle for my amount of usage. It is nice that it is a seamless transition. We’ll see how it goes.

    BTW: AT&T/SBC has the worst site for getting pricing on. They just don’t list how much the basic residential service is without me giving my SSN and other personal information. Ridiculous.

  4. You might want to try callcentric. Cheap month to month plans, porting numbers about 25 days.

  5. Any news on Voip.com as a service? I’m not ready to jump to Unified since I can’t ge their website up or their phones answered. Let me know how it goes for you.

  6. CallCentric looks interesting- especially pay-as-you-go. That is the kind of plan I like. If TeleBlend doesn’t do what I want I might transition to that in the next few months.

    I did the transition from SunRocket to Unified/TeleBlend this morning- but no news yet.

    I have no details on voip.com other than they show up as google-ads when searching.

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