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Monthy Update

Yeah, I have been a pretty big slacker posting on the ‘ol blog. The move into the new “Connected Lab” is complete. Most every system is online and fully functional. Turns out it was about 100 physical servers and about 300 virtual servers. Loads of fun.

I lost my newish Nikon camera at a UT baseball game a few weeks back. I got a new Canon to replace it. A waste of cash, but I need a point and shoot.

The big hail event of 2009 was last week. I got pretty lucky. Only very small dents on the truck. I didn’t even see them for a couple of days until the light hit them when driving. Several of my friends have pretty messed up cars because of the baseball sized hail. I think the house, with the new roof, fared OK, but I have not been up on it yet to find out. No pictures though.

I got the ATI replacement stock in for my Hi Point 995. It took me a couple of hours to install, but I am happy with the results.

Chris Cornell is playing at Stubb’s tonight. I plan on going. Blue October will be in Austin in April. I am going to that one.

Dodgeball is done, but Four Square is alive. It looks neat, but I will have to learn to Twit. Or Tweet. Or whatever.

I know this is a long shot but are there any BalanceNG experts or reasonably adept users that can help me out?

I have a reasonably simple setup but trying to get a VIP on one LAN to balance to targets on another is just not working for me.

And if not, does anyone know of an easy solution to handle that type of translation while keeping the source address?

No, they really are not related. At least I hope not.

This weekend was the end of the Dodgeball service which was a funky text messaging service that let you keep up with friends as they were out an about. Google bought them a while back and I guess could not figure out what to do with them. In this belt-tightening economy they decided they could not afford the service anymore. It’s a shame I really did enjoy using it- even if some of my friends were a bit to annoying sometimes…

I saw Taken tonight. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m a sucker for action movies with a decent story. This was both. Liem Neeson was a great cast for the concerned father with a nasty past. The theater was basically empty at the 7:05 showing. I might have to make Sunday nights my movie night. I’m not sure how busy Watchmen was tonight, but maybe in two weeks when I can get away it won’t be packed.

Another week begins tomorrow. The Dell adventure continues. Each week since the move in on the 20th has been better than the last so hopefully it won’t be too bad. There is a pretty good chance for a new manager in my future as well. We’ll see how that goes. I also get root planing at the dentist tomorrow at 8am. That procedure is just as pleasant as it sounds…