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Two really good quotes/stories I came across today:

First a great story about a No-Penis on Otis’s blog. I needed a good laugh today and that did it.

Second a great and timely quote for WWTDD do:

My Firefox spell check doesn’t even go up to “octuplets”. It stops at sextuplets. Even Firefox thinks that shit is ridiculous.

Classic. Thank you intertubes!

The analog cutoff has been delayed until June. (link) What a load of hooey. We have been inundated with information for months and months and months. I have DirecTV and therefore are not directly affected- but even they have a dedicated channel giving information about the cutoff. Ridiculous.

If I ruled the world this is what I would do. On the original date, the cutoff would happen. I would make the broadcasters put up a single image reading “Your analog television is no longer capable of receiving signal. Please contact the DOC at 1-866-DTV-2009 or for details and information”. Done. Leave that up for two months then let the stations cut off their analog signal completely.

Digital television is like a band-aid. Yeah, it will sting when you rip it off- but the wound has healed, your skin is stronger, and you will be better off with out the analog bandage on your body.

I have been using ING for 3 or 4 years now because their rates have been pretty good and moving money around is fairly painless. A couple of jobs ago I got laid off and used the severance money to start a CD Ladder. It was working quite well because the rates were often about 1% or more higher than their standard savings account rates.

Then came this month. I had a CD renew at 1.5%. At the time of renewal, the savings rate was 2.4% (it dropped yesterday to 2.2%). It does not make any sense (or cents, heh) to keep the money in a CD making over a half percent less. I canceled the CD and will let the money sit in my savings account until the rates improve.

If anyone does have CDs coming to term, you might want to check on them to make sure you are not getting the interest rate shaft…