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What was up with the end of the Chargers/Steelers game yesterday? Was it a touchdown? Yes. I mean no. Times Up. I mean yes, but the outcome does not change.

Ummm… The line was 4. The outcome certainly does change when the Chargers are covering before the call and would not be if the right call was made at the time.

Did the lead official’s brother-in-law have money on the game? Hmmm…

Happy Monday folks, I have a short week before the Holiday. For that I am very Thankful.

While I am not as geeked out as Phil Plait (of Bad Astronomy fame), he blogged about a very cool set of pictures.

The first is an actual photograph of a planet orbiting a star. It is only 25 light years away; we might as well turn on the porch light and put out cookies 🙂

The second is the first image to show two planets orbiting the same star. Our first planetary system imaged outside of our own.

Pretty darn cool.

Read his explanation on this blog posting. His whole blog is pretty good, you may want to consider adding it to your blogroll. (As if we don’t have enough things to read every day).