All posts for the month August, 2008

Well, it will be in just under 24 hours when at 6pm Austin time the games begin! I can hardly wait.

VT is playing ECU in a rematch from last year where the Hokies won an emotional game 17-7. They kick at 11am local time. My friend Kevin and I have a one beverage bet where he gets the 9.5 points. The winner will probably claim a Guinness at our old haunt BD Riley’s in a couple of weeks.

Later on in the day, Texas is playing Florida Atlantic. Texas is a 24 point favorite and it is likely to H-O-T in Austin this Saturday evening. They are retiring Vince Young’s jersey that night as well.

This is my favorite time of year. The close of baseball, the start of college and pro football, and cooler weather. Well, that last part comes in October around here- but I can now see it on the horizon.

Yeah, I just went in for a $700 oil change. It was supposed to be about $60 but when they did the tire rotation they saw I had no breaks. Almost literally. There was so little of the front break pads left that you couldn’t tell where they should have been.

A few hours and many hundreds latter and I have new breaks. They definitely feel better, but I feel kind of poor. At least there is no truck payment this month 🙂

Does anyone have any experience with AAA Insurance or Ameriprise Insurance (via Costco)? My renewal is coming up and am wondering if I should switch. I don’t want to end up at a crappy customer service company to save $50 a year. I have Progressive right now.