All posts for the month November, 2007

It has been awhile since I put *anything* here, so I figured I would do a random dump of my thoughts and see what happens.

Work has been crazy. I was doing 10 and 11 hour days prior to Thanksgiving when I took an extra two days off (Wednesday and Monday) to visit family. Since I got back, the days have been even longer. I can’t do this much longer so hopefully things get worked out pretty soon and I can go back to normal 40 or 45 hour work weeks.

Thanksgiving with the family was nice. We had 19 people at Thanksgiving dinner with the traditional turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pies. There was also a really good sweet potato dish my mom cooked up that I need to get the recipe for. It was very sweet, so I would probably have to do a smaller serving. She made a decent chili called “dump chili” that involves, literally, dumping cans of veggies and browned hamburg into a pot and stewing. Not bad and really easy.

Speaking of family. I got to hang out with my nephew and 3 little nieces. The twins are 9, Bridget is 4, and the youngest, my god-daughter, Rebecca just turned one. Brig was really shy around all the chaos in my folks house- but Becca was a ham. The twins were pretty well behaved as well. It was nice to see them all and I am glad I made the trip. God how I hate airports though.

Went to a ranch party a few weeks back. Drama on Friday as usual. Saturday was fine. No chance to go hunting this year yet. I am going to bring my folks out there when they visit in December. I’m pretty sure they have never been on a real working/hunting ranch before so it should be fun.

Christmas is almost upon us. I put up my fake tree and door wreath last night. The tree has pre-hung lights so all I need to do is plug it in. It is about three feet tall so I put it on a makeshift table to make it look not so sad. I really don’t have a place to store a bigger tree for 11 months of the year, so this will have to do. My folks gave me some very small ornaments that actually fit this sad excuse for a tree, so I will hang those this weekend.

The Christmas gifts for the twins were already opened when they visited and the gift for Brig went home with my sister. I still need to get something for the little one. I am probably going to give a financial gift since she has every hand-me-down toy in the world. Boring I know, but she is one. She doesn’t get it anyway 🙂

ACC championship in football is tomorrow. Virginia Tech gets to attempt revenge of Boston College for the last 2 minutes of their last meeting. I don’t think Matt Ryan is going to put up a Heisman worthy game, the VT defense isn’t going to let that happen again. Tech is a 4.5 point favorite last I looked. It should be a fun game. The Big 12 championship is tomorrow as well. You know why Texas doesn’t float away into the Gulf of Mexico? ‘Cause OU Sucks! Go Mizzou! If Missouri can pull off the upset (#1 as a dog, hmmmm) and West Virginia takes care of buisness then the national title game is set. I don’t want to see OSU back into the title game by playing a short season and just not losing when everyone else is playing. I am hoping that a Big12 North champ and a Big East champ will be enough BCS chaos to change a few things. I am also hoping Hawaii takes care of Washington and gets to play a big dog in one of the BCS games. They may get smoked, or we may see an all-time fun to watch game like the OU/Boise St game. Lets hope for the latter.

Vegas in 8 days! I will be joining the blogger crew for a few days of debauchery Vegas style. My buddy Jason and I are flying in Saturday morning with plans to play in the blogger tourney at 2 (or is is 3 now?) a the Venetian. From there I have no idea what will happen. It will probably will be poker and alcohol fueled. Jason has some friends in Vegas so we will probably visit with them at least some of the time. We come back Tuesday morning which is after most (all?) of the crew but we should have a fantastic time. I am looking forward to seeing Don, Aaron, Carmen, April, Jeff, and others again- but also to meet a bunch of the people I have played virtual cards with for years but have never talked to in person. Very much looking forward to it.

I have played very little online poker in the last month or so. I am just too tired to really concentrate on my game and even the low stakes I play you have to be ready to play to do well. Maybe when the crunch is over at work. Yeah. Whenever that is…

OK, that is enough drivel for now. Take care and have a great weekend!

107 runners tonight. I ended up making it to the final table and ended up 6th. A pretty good night for me. Very few suckouts given out by me. Luckily.

Work is going to be painful tomorrow, I got a huge amount of work to do.

Goodnight all.

My buddy and I just booked our airfare, hotel, and car for Vegas in December.

We will be arriving on December 8th and leaving on the 11th. I should get in early enough to make the blogger tournament Saturday afternoon.

The hotel ended up being Sahara. I stayed there two trips ago and it is a nice enough place. Then again, I’ll I really want is a bed for 6 or 8 hours a day.

Golf on Monday is a possibility. I’ll know more as we get closer to the trip.

This trip is costing me *less* than my airfare to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.

Now I just need to tell my boss that I need a day or two off. 🙂

My buddy Jason and I are looking to go to Vegas in December. As it turns out it is the Blogger Weekend. If we were to do the trip we would arrive on December 8th and stay until the 10th.

Vegas with Jason is always a trip. He did grad school at UNLV and worked at Binnion’s so he knows his way around.

If I make it into town, I am going to try and play the blogger event Saturday and might hang out with the gang a bit that night.

I’ll post more if I know more. I should know more this weekend because we really need to book our airfare.