All posts for the month August, 2007

After I got back from my road trip to Georgia, I noticed one of my tires was pretty low. 7.5 lbs of air, as it turns out, is very low. Pumped it up and it lasted a few days, then back to 15 lbs. It was 20 this morning when I went out to go to work. Off to NTB and near $1000 later I have four new shoes for the truck. They should last 80K with air and rotation. My alignment was also off a bit, which may have lead to the premature wear on the old tires.

Sucks to spend that much cash though.

Very little poker of late. Basically treading water with the SnGs. If I want to get into the bigger MTTs I need to buckle down on my game and build my bankroll. Easier said than done with football fast approaching.

Well it is over. I drove from Austin to Georgia and here are the results:

Miles Driven: 2511
Cost of bottle of Bud Light at the Intercontinental in Buckhead: $6.75
Cost of one night at that same hotel: $385
Price we paid via Priceline: $95
Price for two tickets to the Braves/Astro’s game: $13
Rows behind the first base dugout where we sat: 10
Number of times my buddy puked in front of a cop: 2
Number of times arrested and/or fined: 0
Amount of activity in Buckhead: approaching zero. Buckhead is dead man.
Days spent at the Uncle’s lake house: 2
Number of additional people my Uncle has taught to water ski: 2- go Maddie and Will!
Number of rounds of golf played: 2
Number of Beers consumed: way to many to count
Number of Jaegers consumed: way to many to count
Fun had: lots

Sucks to be back. Off to the grocery store and then home to do laundry. Will the fun ever end?