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NUTS to you CBS

So far fans of the show Jericho have sent almost 16,000 pounds of actual nuts to CBS. This is hilarious to me.

Check out the details here: NUTS for Jericho

Personally, I never watched the show so I don’t have an opinion either way- but I think this level of fan support for a canceled show is great.

Look at this picture:

table connector

There are two major parts there, a EMT screw on connector and a EMT screw plate. I know where to get the first one- but the piece that is actually screwed into the wood here is beyond my reach. My google-fu has failed me and my trip to Home Depot last night failed to turn up anything similar to that plate. Does anyone know what the technical name for it is? And even better, where to acquire them? I have not decided which size yet- either 1″, 1 1/2″, or 2″. I am going to be building a desk (or two) based on the ideas found here. The leg solution is a very good one that I want to use.

Found this picture on reddit. mmmm pi.

mmmm pi

So Mookie tagged me with this 7 random things thing. Yeah. So here we are:

1) I have been sued for $600,000 for a minor fender bender in White Planes NY. The guy was a Ecuadorian cab driver who had to “tend to a sick father” when the depositions were done. The insurance company settled for $9K. It was a bullshit lawsuit and I wish they had gone to court and made the bastard pay me.

2) I went to a private Catholic college prep high school. The St John’s Patriots in Shrewsbury, MA. I did it for two reasons. One: I wanted to get into a decent college and it seemed the college prep route was the way to go. Two: I had a family tradition with my father, brother, uncle, and several cousins going to the same school. The experience was not horrible. It was an all-male school- that part sucked (no, not literally). I also have no contact with anyone from high school. The school doesn’t even know where I live. With this post, Google might rat me out.

3) I graduated Virginia Tech with a BS in Computer Science. Apparently that makes me smart. I did work at Mitretek (a MITRE spinoff) and Microsoft, so I must not be stupid. I *did* get to watch Michael Vick play in college- watching him live might be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in sports.

4) While in college I was accused of cheating. Well, actually I was convicted of cheating. It was a senior level CS class; and I didn’t cheat. Two of us were accused and the other guy swore he did not cheat off of me. I took (and am taking) his word for it. Due to a “liberal interpretation of the double-zero rule”, the professor gave me a D in the class so I passed. Oh, and working in the dining halls sucks.

5) I had only visited Austin for 2 days prior to me moving here from Seattle. I thank two people for my decision to move here: First, my original manager Evan; and Second, the random guy I talked hockey and Austin general with at Buffalo Billiards downtown. He convinced me Austin people were cool people to hang out with.

6) I am the god father of my newest niece Rebecca. She is a darling- but I have only seen her in person once. I have been to Mass twice in the last 5 or 6 years. Once for my grandmother’s funeral and once for Rebecca’s Christening. It doesn’t bother me at all.

7) I was –> this <-- close to owning a bar in Austin about 3 or 4 years ago. There were 4 of us as business partners and were trying to buy The Ale House. It was a dive- rotting floors in the bathroom, electrical that could cause a fire at any moment, fruit flies, nasty smell, the works. It would have rocked. There is a good chance I will own a bar at some point. The business intrigues me for some reason. I'm going to not tag anyone. Deal with it 🙂

Check out the lineup here. (mental note: I still hate flash)

I just picked up my ticket ($145 ick). But I am digging on some of the bands this year including: Blue October, The White Stripes, MUSE, Arcade Fire, The Killers, My Morning Jacket, Queens of the Stone Age, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Yo La Tengo, Keiser Chiefs, Ben Kweller, Bela Fleck, and Ghostland Observatory. Anyone see a band that I should not miss?

This year the festival is September 14-16. It is going to be *H O T*; but that is the general way it goes in September in Austin.

My iTunes problem seemed to be solved by using different media (Fuji rather than Imation) and buring it on my laptop rather than my desktop. I’ll get the chance to try it in my truck this afternoon- but the CD seems to work fine so far.

I got hit by a car.


I was running by the entrance/exit of an apartment complex when a lady was leaving the complex. I knew she was going to stick the nose of her car into the sidewalk area so I was prepared. I was *almost* by the hood of her car when the bumper clipped me on the leg. I sort of rolled off the hood with one hand banging down on the hood and the other giving me balance on the ground. She screamed. I turned and gave her a nasty look then went on my way. I would like to think this scared her into actually *looking* where she is driving. But likely she is just too big an idiot to learn from her mistakes.

Two questions for my faithful readers:

1) Does anyone have XM Radio and have missing channels? I am missing a bunch of sports and news channels (ESPNEWS for example). My car radio required me to go up and down by channels, I can’t select them by number but when I try is skips right by them. It pretty much sucks.

2) Had anyone had problems burning audio CDs from iTunes where certain songs are truncated? I bought the newest Modest Mouse album and can not make an audio CD from it because one of the songs gets shorted to 1:34 from 4:30 or something similar. It makes it an invalid audio CD and won’t play in my car stereo or in my computer at work. I don’t happen to have any 74 minute CDs handy, so I have only tried with 80 minute ones. I have also just tried burning three of the songs (including the specific track giving errors) and I still get the error. It sucks that I can’t listen to music I have purchased in my truck because iTunes won’t burn it properly.

I was watching a TiVoed episode of The Riches last night- the one where the patriarch died- and wondered if anyone recognized the family crest that was on the bolts used to close the casket lid and on the shroud used to cover the casket prior to the funeral pyre. If so, could someone drop a comment. That would rock.

I tried to run yesterday morning. Ouch.

The May issue of Truckin is out. Go read. It is good for your soul.

April Poker Results

I made an effort to have a very low poker content in April. I only played in two live games and 11 online sit-n-gos. Results were mixed.

First my live play. I played the Weekend at Mookie’s tourney and did not cash (no surprise there): -$30; Then I sat at a table full of ringers and got smoked 🙂 -$50. This past weekend I hosted a crawfish boil at the house and a poker game broke out. It was 5c/10c NL and I did pretty well: +$12. Overall, not great, but not horrible.

As for online, I did really well this month. These numbers would be better, but I bubbled two SnGs last night when I shoved on the flop and was ahead in both hands. The deck screwed me both times and my monthly stats dropped. Poker is as poker does.

Games Played: 11
In the Money: 7 64%
ROI 64%

This is my SnG finish distribution. I am quite happy with this:

Finish Count
1 2
2 2
3 3
4 3
5 1
6-9 0

Yeah, it is a small sample- but it shows positive growth. I am going to limit how much I play in May as well; if this trend continues I will be a very happy camper indeed.

I was approached about hosting a game at my house. I do have a very nice 10 top table (pictures here). It gets very little use so this is a good option. I will probably run a 1-2 or 2-4 limit game for a period of hours and start a $10 or $20 buy in NL tournament at a specified time. It won’t happen a lot as some of the people who might want to play might want to play at Mookie’s or Rocco’s home games and I don’t want to interfere, but it would be fun to shake it up a little. I might even do it mid-week rather than on a weekend.