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I have been quite on poker for awhile. I do have a few things though, so I will try and bang some of them out here.

First is December results. I didn’t really play any cash games, and no SnGs until later in the month. The results however, not bad:

Games Played: 11
In The Money: 5 45.45%
Return on Investment: 26.45%

I have much more data for January, but the month is not over. So far it is near break even after clawing back from a horrible start to the New Year.

My folks gave me two poker books for Christmas. _Super System 2_ by Doyle Brunson, et al. I have yet to open it- daunting to say the least; and _An on the River_ by Barry Greenstein, which is a very quick read and quite informative. Here is my short review:

Mr. Greenstein is obviously very intelligent and obviously a great poker player. However, he is not a great author, adequate for sure- but not great The book is not hard to read, it is just a bit jarring. The physical quality itself is amazing, every page has color photos on photo quality paper. There is a tremendous amount of insight into money management, time management, relationships, table image and “outside the math” areas of poker playing. I do recommend it as a fun and informative read. Absorb the sights of the pages, that alone is worth a few hours of your time. It might not make your play your individual sessions any better, but taking his advise in the long term might improve your game.

OK, I have delayed packing long enough. I need to get that and the dishes done before I try and get some sleep. Take care my fair readers.

(with credit to the Onion – printed version, not sure if this is online).

“In honor of Boise State’s Fiesta Bowl victory, in which the Broncos uses the famous ‘Statue Of Liberty’ play to beat Oklahoma, Onion Sports lists the most notable trick plays in history:

*2005:* NASCAR driver Kyle Busch takes a huge risk to win the Checker Auto Parts 500 at Phoenix International Raceway when he manages to convince the rest of the field they’re going the wrong way and spends 500 laps battling oncoming traffic.

*1992:* Absent-minded first-baseman John Kruk performs the hidden-ball trick too well, as the game has to be canceled when he forgets where he put it.

*1993:* Jose Canseco is brought in to pitch in order to create a distraction while the rest of the Texas Rangers steal priceless treasures from the Dallas Museum Of Fine Arts.

*1980:* Harlem Globetrotter Fred “Curly” Neal dribbles the ball down center court and makes a fundamentally sound layup, utterly baffling the entire Washington Generals defense.

*1989:* Trailing the Vikings late int he fourth quarter, the Cincinnati Bengals execute a perfect ‘fake-fake-field goal’ when, after lining up for the kick, snapping the ball crisply, and miraculously getting three special teamers open in the end zone, holder and backup quarterback Turk Schonert puts the ball back down and Jill Gallery sends it through the uprights as time expires; Cincinnati loses 27-29.

*1946:* West Point’s classically educated football couch Red Blaik realizes that the ‘Statue of Liberty’ play has become predictable and devises a variant for an upcoming game at Notre Dame: the ‘Michelangelo’s David,’ in which the quarterback stands alone, nude and resplendent in the backfield.”

Good stuff from the Onion as usual.

Have a great weekend folks. I’m off to Mexico via a boat. Pics when I return. I have some of me field dressing the deer from my last post- but that probably isn’t a very nice thing to sip your coffee to.

Saturday was the day to sight in my new toy (see old post). It was really off and took me a box to get it dead on at 50 yards. It was pretty close at 100 so I felt confident in my job. Big Dale and I went out to the blind about 4:30 but we spooked the heard on our way up. Three bucks and two tiny yearlings showed up near dark- but no others. Dale suggested we get up pre-dawn and try a morning hunt. I’m game, we did it last time. About 6:30am we were in the same blind and started to see the wildlife. A few turkeys were nearby and the same bucks from last night came in at 7:30. Nothing else until near 8. About that time the herd “appeared”. Anyone who has watched deer can tell you, they are like ghosts. They just show up from thin air. We picked out a few doe options and I decided on an older one. Even at 80 yards you could tell it was a big one. 5 or 8 minutes on scope to make sure there were no other deer in the way (the 30-06 does a clean thru-n-thru on basically anything in Texas) and now there is one less deer in the Hill Country.

the deer

It weighed in at 120 on the tripod. It dressed to about 95. I am getting sausage links, summer sausage, dry sausage, fajita meat, and the backstrap. It will probably be about $200 to process but it will be a *lot* of meat.

Sunday afternoon was football. I was dragging and debating going home during the Indy-New England game, but stuck it out to see Peyton finally win a big game. A shame too, I really did want the Patriots to go for 4 Super Bowl wins in 6 years.

And now I work for a few days. I have to prep for my cruise to Mexico this week and we are moving to a new work facility the end of next week. Fun Fun.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

Do you have Earthlink Highspeed? They updated their DNS awhile back to give back a custom Earthlink/Yahoo seach page for non-existant domains.

Normally this would not be a problem- but for some it can. For me it was. The AT&T network client my company uses for VPN does not act well when DNS is hijacked that way.

Earthlink has what they are calling “Opt-Out DNS”. Update your router or DNS entries to include the following DNS servers: and

Details can be found here:

Most of the people who read this are in Austin and know of the icy/rainy/snowy mix going on for the last few days. I won’t bother with details. I actually worked a few hours on Monday and made it to the office before 11am today (business ops opened at 11 so I was actually early for a change :-). It should get above freezing in the next couple of hours which will make life a little bit more pleasant.

My Remington 710 did not get used this weekend- we didn’t want to get stuck in the Hill Country for 4 days.

I have upgraded WordPress. They were pretty pushy as it was a security fix. In fact, this is the first post.

Despite being off work or on partial days I played very little poker. I missed Jim’s even because I was supposed to be hunting. I’m going to miss his next event because I will be in Mexico. I’m not going to make Mook’s event this weekend- mainly because I am going to be in Mexico the next week.

Now I need to power though my BlogLines and get out of the office before it more rain/ice hits.

Have a great day and be safe if you are dealing with the ice.

This is a picture of my newest toy:


It is a Remington 710 with composite stock. The caliber is 30-06. Academy, a local sports store, had it on sale over the new year for $320 including mounted scope. It will be put to use mid-January for the first time.

I was planning on writing up a “New Years” post like many of the people I am reading this week- but that will have to wait a day or two.

Things I must say in this post:

Baltimore wins their division ($-50). Georgia beats VA Tech heads up ($-25) and Boise State pulls off the major league upset of Oklahoma. Other than the money- I do love this time of year.

I started running again for the new year. It was in the low 50s this afternoon, but I did my best. I am getting soft and thin blooded here in Texas. I am following Hal Higdon’s 15K Training Guide even though I am not planning on running any races. I want to get up to the 7-8 long run range, so that was the best guide for me. Once I get to week 9 I will probably revert to week 7 and loop though over and over. There will be more about that in a future post.

I’m back on the Sit-N-Go wagon. That will be the subject of my first Poker Post of 2007.