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BoDog SnG Review

This is going to be a short review since I have only played two of them:

* The structure sucks. It starts off fine 5/10, 10/20 with 1K starting stacks- last night it was 400/800 with three people left. Ouch.
* 10 players is odd, but fine by me- the payouts are even amounts which is oddly comfortable.
* Personally I am not used to hand counts making rounds- not claiming is is better or worse, just a lot more different than I expected.
* The BoDog table is pretty hard to read, even in “large” mode. Apparently it is much better than it was, which makes me glad I am playing now.
* Hand History is painful. Hard to follow in the scrolling window and hard to navigate on the search feature.
* The play, especially the mini-levels, is pretty bad.

I’m going to give it a few more tries, but I can’t see myself putting too much time in on the SnGs there. It is too much of a crap shoot.

Ran another 5K on Tuesday. 30:10. I, emmm, had a bit too much social activity all weekend (with me getting home at 4am Monday) so I didn’t do any running this weekend. It rained all day yesterday and I am too out of shape to get motivated to run in the rain. I plan on trying for another 5k today, the weather turned nice about noon.

Here I sit waiting on the DHL guy so I can get the heck out of here… Later.

(I’m all about the compelling blog titles)

First a funny snippet from Overheard in New York:

Disproportionately hot nerd girl: You know, I was scarred by a 
    guy once. It was on a fur rug. With a knife.
Attractive nerd guy: Wow. Real fur?
Disproportionately hot nerd girl: Real knife too. Very 'Kushiel's 
    Dart' sort of moment.
Attractive nerd guy: He must have thought you were pretty special, 
    I mean, what do you have to do to get blood out of fur? I'm 
    guessing it's dryclean only.
Disproportionately hot nerd girl: Anyway that was my first, and 
    only, foray into S&M. After that I stuck to D&D.

-- 6 Train

I ran my first “5k” yesterday. I hit my 3 mile target so I figured I would try and get 3.1. I averaged 10:17s for the run. Pretty cool actually. I’m going to duck out a bit early today so I can get a 2 miler in before dinner. It is really hard putting on the mileage again. Time to actually work at planning long run/short run/off days to make sure I get the mileage in. My runs are not a pretty as Dr. Pauly’s, but there is a duck pond.

One SnG this week. A fiver at BoDog. The play *sucks*. I hit a 4 flush with 45s, turned the flush and won against TPTK with a 5 high flush. Sick. Then again. I ended up near the bubble when I hit a set of 2s with three hearts on the board and the guy turned his nut flush. I guess I had the re-draw, but that stings. The blinds are really nice early, but go up quick in round 5 or so. There were 5 (of 10) left with blinds of 100/200 and starting stacks of 1K. Crapshoot really.

AllOfMP3 no longer is supported by Visa. Oh well. I can’t say I am too surprised.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Well, C-SPAN anyway.

If anyone was bored enough to watch the debate for the Ohio 15th tonight (11/18). The moderator was this blogger’s older brother. He has been doing radio and tv for almost 20 years now and had a few national radio spots (mainly for NPR) but this was his first national TV exposure (at least that I know of).

Jim caught me in the bar on Friday night (I know, surprise, surprise) and mentioned he could get really cheap rooms at the Rio when Mookie and Mrs. Mookie (who’s template is *messed* up right now) are going to be in Vegas. Hmmm… But that is less than 3 weeks away, won’t airfare suck? $200 round trip including fees and taxes tells me not. I’ll be there Sunday November 5 to Wednesday November 8. And I will be hitting the Crown and Anchor at *least* once.

I paid the deposit on my cruise this weekend. It looks like my pal Julie will be my bunkmate so that 4 day all-you-can-eat and drink-all-you-can-sneek trip will be about $300 plus a fifth and gas money to drive to Galveston.

I am an uncle. Again 🙂 My sister gave birth to Rebecca Elizabeth last Wednesday. I now have 3 neices and 1 nephew. I am going to be the Godfather of Rebecca. The Christening will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Massachusetts and I will be up there for the holiday.

Zero poker last week.

I ran about 10 miles last week. 4.7 miles so far this week. I keep track Sunday-Saturday. The goal for this week is about 15.

No golf on Tuesday- the Round Rock Express rented the whole course for the whole day. Then it rained all day long. Heh. No golf this week, my playing buddy screwed up his wrist in some drunken tom-foolery.

The 1st BCS rankings are out. Ohio State is a non-surprise #1. Texas is a surprising #9. VA Tech is a non-surprise no-show. Things will settle out in the next few weeks.

31 suspensions form the FIU/Miami brawl on Saturday. I want to find the whole thing on YouTube or whereever, anybody have a link?

My resume is up to date. Time to start plugging it into the system both here at IBM and outside (Dice, Monster, ect) and see what pops up. I have until March to find something- but if a cool job comes up earlier I’ll probably jump at it.


I found a new time waster- this is a multi-player web based game. You take up a life of crime and try and make it big time.

Here is the referal link: PunchMe

When you get going I recommend doing the DipIt game in the casino for fast cash. Also do all of the “vote for us” things to build a starting bankroll. Use the bank so you don’t stand out- you can attack other players and the winner gets cash and experience points.

This is a free game, although apparently you can use actual cash to buy points and items. I don’t plan on doing that.

Yes. I can be that bored at work 🙂

I gave this “poker” thing a shot on Friday night at Mookie’s (and Mrs. Mookie’s) house. It is a $10 rebuy tourney with an optional add-on at the end of the first hour. I really didn’t like spending too much money so I did my origonal buy-in and told the table I wasn’t going to rebuy. I actually never got too short stacked so it was fine. There were plenty of rebuys and nearly everyone added on- but not me. When we hit the final table I was 9 of 10 in chips. Luckily I picked up QQ on the first hand and Henry got to double me up.

There were two big lay-down hands- both of which I think I played correctly. The first was having AK on the button when Jim (in mid position) comes in for a modest raise. LeeAnne (the monster chip stack) quickly pushed. That hurts. I folded, but so did Jim- so I have no idea what would have happened. I think she was the only one at the table who had me covered at that point, so I didn’t want to risk it on a draw. Later on I picked up QQ in the small blind, Henry pushed and David W called. I re-raised about 1/3 of my stack. Rocky only peaked at one card when I said “raise”, when he peaked at the other card he re-raised all-in. David fairly quickly folded. I thought about it for awhile, I had Rocky covered but it would have crippled me to lose. I folded and he turned up aces. I was going to be sick if a queen hit, but the fates were fair that night and an ace on the flop sealed the deal. David folded jacks.

It is nice to play and only put your chips at risk exactly once- and have it hold up. Heads up lasted one hand 99 against 66 and I turned my $10 into $190. Not bad.

I also was able to catch _The_Depated_ on Friday. Scorsese put on another great show. It is long intricate peice, but not so twisted that it is hard to follow. Recomended if you get the chance.

Saturday was football. Texas got to stomp OU and that makes Austin a happy town.

Sunday was BBQ- ribs, chicken, Elgin sausage, the works. I have a picture of the grill on my phone- but can’t figure out how to get it off yet.

Last weeks running totals: 10.5 miles and one loop of Forest Creek (about 5 miles). I shot a 111 from the blues and still can’t get off the box to save my life.