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out of town this week

I will be out of town this week, unfortunatly not in Vegas for the Main Event. I will be in Georgia. Think “Deliverance”. Yeah.

Not sure how much poker I will be playing. Made my way to the $20 level this weekend. Screwed up a chip lead when the blinds got big and busted 5th. Irritating. Finished 3rd in a $10. I’m going to try and play a few SnGs on the folks computer. Probably can not spend the time playing a 45 SnG unless it is late at night.

I am bringing plenty of reading material, my iPod Nano, and my golf clubs. Hopefully I can keep busy.

It will be nice to see the folks again. My brother will be there as well with his wife and twins. I am looking forward to that.

Via a friend, I found this post. It is a very interesting read. Hopefully you can spare the two minutes or so to read it.

I was going to put some money in my account but ran into two snags: 1st I wanted to use PayPal (probably via XHost) but they no longer accept that. Then I recalled I can create “virtual account numbers” for my MasterCard. Perfect for this kind of thing. Yeah. They accept Visa but not MasterCard. Very odd since their CC processor (ChronoPay) advertises MasterCard as a valid payment form and allofmp3 claims you can use either. Oh well. They are getting none of my money.

well, that sucks

Worst. Finish. M was getting low, pushed 1/3 of my stack in with TT. K22 flop. Checked to me. Push. Called by K9. K on the turn sealed it. 27th.

45 SnG

I lose use of my driver, and finish that badly in one day? F.

9 more trys. Hopefully better than this one.

damn it…

I broke my driver today. It was a Callaway Big Bertha II knock off. Supposidly made from the same casting process as the Big Bertha. Well. Maybe. Mine cracked all along the top edge of the face from the toe to the hozzle. Yeah. Not so good. The shaft and grip are fine so I might just pick up another head and have it mounted. When I was hitting that club well (not as often as I would have liked) I was bombing it. I had to play the rest of the round with my Adams Tight Lies strong 4. Which, I have not been hitting well at all. I did lay a nice draw to about 220 on one hole, but I am just as likely to hit it 50 yards. Normally I don’t blame the equipment, but in this case I *can*.

Has anyone used Songs are about 10c for the bit rate I tend to listen to. Albums cost about the same as songs on iTunes and no DRM. I just am unsure I want to put my credit card onto a Russian site. I barely trust Amazon.

Edit: Have a look at the driver:

Broken Driver

I also heard back from the fellow I bought it from. If I send it in, they will mount a new driver head on it for free. It will be The 2006 driver head because they don’t make the version I have anymore.

Ick. Finished 16th. Layed down JJ on a short stack against a raise that put me nearly in. A re-raise from a big stack confirmed two monsters. Well. AK vs 99. I would have won. A tripple up there would have been nice. I fell when I didn’t push the BB off of K9o with my TT. He hit his K and I was too pot commited.

Sm: 5th SnG

My sunburn is better, but I am going to try and play golf in the morning. That may hurt, especially if I try and carry my bag the full 18. I’m hoping that the aloe treatment will work some more magic tonight.

45SnG: 4th try

*Finally* I made the money. I got to about 6th in chips when I found A-10 with a 10-10-4 flop. When I got to call an all-in bet on the river against 10-8 I was in really good shape. 6th when I hit the final table. 9th and 8th knocked out on the same hand and I am ITM. Sweet. A very bad run of cards at the final table had me drifting away. Ended up in 7th when I ran into AK with a semi-blind steal. Ooops. A cash is a cash, and points are points. I’m on the board now. And I made 80 cents.

Spent yesterday on the river with some very cool and very hot chick. I am now about the color of a boiled Maine lobster. Ouch.

This evening is being spent importing more of my CDs into iTunes. Someone should set up a rental outfit that rent jukebox style CD-ROMs and an automated way to import into iTunes. I’d pay for a weekend rental.

I was pretty dumb a bit ago and used iTunes on my work laptop to purchase some content. I say dumb because I am going to have to turn this laptop in next March when they “lean the workforce”. I wanted to make sure my playlists and ratings from my work laptop made it to my home PC where I want to store all of my music. This is how I made sure everything got copied.

  • Step 1: Clear out the target machines iTunes library. I didn’t want any extra songs clogging my library.
  • Step 2: Create a folder to match the layout on the current iTunes install. Mine is D:Music.
  • Step 3: Copy all of the folders in that Music folder to the target machine. This took my home network (100MB) about 30 minutes.
  • Step 4: Export your library. File->Export Library…
  • Step 5: Copy that library.xml file to the target machine
  • Step 6: Import the library. File->Import… Locate the XML file and click open. This takes a few minutes for my library, but not too bad
  • Step 7: Delete any duplicate playlists. The old playlists will get migrated with the library.xml file
  • Step 8: Try and play any purchased songs. This will require you to authorize this machine with your iTunes login.
  • Step 9: Optional: De-authorize the old machine. Advanced->Deauthorize Computer… I will do this before I turn in my laptop so I have an extra one. You get 5 machines for authorized music.

Actually pretty simple, and everything gets copied including playlists, play counts, ratings, and podcasts. I will probably figure out a way to sync that D:Music folder so I can do a non-drive backup and sync between my home PC and the laptop. It won’t preserve all of my rating changes, and that sucks- but not much you can do about it except keep exporting and importing every time.

Off to get some peel and eat shrimp. Have a great weekend.

interesting night

I *intended* to head home early and play one or two 45 SnGs last night. Instead my buddy Jason roped me into headed downtown to catch Ministry. Or we would have if we could have gotten tickets. We hit the back bar at La Zona Rosa and tried to sneak by the bouncer (people head in and out of the venue with stamps). Jason got by, I didn’t. Soon thereafter he got busted in the venue. It doesn’t help that he was wearing a white t-shirt at a *Ministry* concert. Oh well. I drank a bit too much last night and feel like crap today. Must be getting old. That or the Jaeger.

Just won a 6 top SnG on Stars. I just laid low limping with small pocket pairs into multi-way pots and missing. Finally I was able to double through the chip leader with KQ when we both hit top pair and his 7 kicker was no good. I finially busted him when he limped with ace-rag and I got a free flop with 3-7. Two threes on the flop and an ace on the river and he was done. Yippee!

Heading out of the office now. *No one* is here and I want to start my weekend. Plans include cleaning out my office and playing a few 45ers. Joe Bonamassa is playing La Zona Rosa Saturday so I might head down to check that out. I will probably migrate my iTunes library on my work laptop to my home desktop (or even better, an external HD) so I can keep everything together. I do dig the Nano.

45SnG: 3rd try

I tried a $1+.20 this time. The play is crazy. We were down to the final two tables before the first break. I made one mistake earlier pushing QQ into an ace high flop and was hurting. I battled back and got my money in with 99 against AK on a 8JJ flop. Good read on my part. Then the king on the turn ended me in 17th. I did make the one mistake earlier, but this wasn’t it. I’d say, that’s poker, but I would be repeating everything already said on every poker blog in existance. So I won’t.


07/19 45 SnG Results

Off for my walk now. I is 8:45 at night and 94 degrees. Yeah.