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So I have a story to tell. My buddy gives me a shout at 10:30 Saturday morning, tells me to put on a bathing suit we are going to a party. It is going to be a hot one in Austin- so water sounds good to me. By noon we are on Lake Travis on a party barge. It is our buddy’s birthday and there are kegs of beer, jello shots, two margarita machines, and well… strippers. See our buddy is dating one and she brought a bunch of her friends. These type of events almost always end up very interesting. This one is no different. We got the cove about 1, tied up, got another beer, and got in the water. Probably 30 people out there swiming around having a good time. “Uh her nose. It’s bleeding.” Eh? Oh shit. It isn’t bleeding, it is gushing, she is working her jaw and can’t talk. Oh shit. After passing off my beer and life jacket I grabbed her by the waste threw her up on my hip and dragged her back the boat. Luckily we have an EMT on board so by the time I got there we could get her out of the water and figure out what the hell went down. She ended up fine, walked off the boat on her own power, so I guess it ended well. She did steal my beach towel though. I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine why this happened to her.

Dominos yesterday at Riley’s. Always a good time. I played well, but did not repeat as champion. Keith took those honors- and the pack of tube socks.Austin 1759 meeting tonight. With the Round Rock Express game next Saturday we should have a decent turnout. Maybe another lake trip next Sunday- hopefully no seizures this time.

No poker since last Thursday where I finally broke my SnG dry spell with a 2nd place finish in a 6×12.


This is my new blog home, so far so good.

I was able to import all of my old blogger posts and comments (very nice) and I have a lot more customization options here- plus I have direct FTP access to the server.  What I really want though is uptime.

Played two 6x12s yesterday.  Bluffed 22 into a AAK flop and a calling station.  Called with K9 (of course).  Then actually made it to the money on the 2nd one.  Scary.  I forgot what making money feels like.

Also played in the WWdN:Not.  Bumped mid-field when Waffles called two all-ins with 86s.  I had 77 and it would have heald until he hit his 8 on the river.  To be fair, I was only an 80% to win or so because he had 4 flush on the flop.  Still sucks.

New Home

I am in the process of moving to a new home on my hosting account. I will update this blog with the address and site feed for the 3 or 4 of you that actually read this 🙂

1st Post!

I am pretty sick of blogger being down all the time. In that spirit I used my hosting account to setup this fancy blog on my own. Since I actually *pay* for hosting, the uptime should be much better. Once I figure out how to migrate all of my old content I will probably switch to here in a more permanent way.

I have been running bad the last week. Not just bad. But *really* bad. I bombed out of two SnGs on Thursday so I dropped to the 6x12s which have treated me pretty well. Not so fast, my friend.

These are the last three bust outs. A combination of bad timing and bad luck:
Bubble time. AKo against Ah7h. Flop is two hearts, Ace on the turn. Money goes in. Heart on the river. Busted.

5 left. Short stack. All of my money in against two people with AQo. Both of them have A-10. Looking good to tripple up here. 10 on the river to bust me.

Bubble time. 9-10 on the SB, limped. Flop is 9-Q-10. Money goes in. Two pair pretty solid against Q-8. J on the river.

I’ll have to look at PokerTracker, but I think this is 12 SnGs with no cashes. I have lost well over 20% of my bankroll on Stars during that time. Everytime I think I am having a good event (getting people to push their flush into my full house for example), I end up getting blanked late.

It may be time to step back for awhile, do some reading, maybe some meditation, kick the neighbors dog, anything but play cards…