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no internet

My cable modem was not working last night (or this morning for that matter) so I missed donating in the DADI event. My only contact with poker was finishing Matt Matros’s book _The Making Of A Poker Player: How An Ivy League Math Geek Learned To Play Championship Poker_ which is a hell of a long title, but it was not a hugely long book. Here is my review:

Matt is, by most measures, a successful person. His poker winnings are substantial so he has a lot to say. The book really doesn’t know what target audience it is supposed to have. Early in the book, it is very entry level- like every book dealing with poker now it seems to take too long to explain the rules of the game. I say “too long” because later, he goes into game theory, expected value, pot odds, cash strategy vs. tournament strategy, and several other fairly advanced topics.

What I liked: It was a pleasant read, the words flowed easy, and Matt does not put himself on a pedestal. He lets you know what worked for him, and why he thinks it worked, but never claims it is the best way.

What I didn’t like: Repeating what I said above, there does not seem to be a consistent target audience. Either make it a story of a kid who does really well, or a story of how a player takes playing quarter poker into crushing a 10/20 limit game. Parts of this book seemed to wind around a lot. It flowed, just in a meander sort of way. There is a prolog explaining his 3rd place cash in a WPT event which does not have that problem- so his writing is improving just as his poker is.

Overall: I give it a solid 7 of 10.

Quick Link

K-Nine, a friend of mine, has a very interesting blog- although not poker related. Today’s post puts him back on a series called “Naked Lunch Specials” where he reviews the lunch offerings of, ahem, adult venues.

1-6-1 in three six-pack SnGs of late. 18th in the Mook last night. Good fun, but it sucks to get short stacked.

Almost July

It is the last week in June and the temps have dropped into the mid to lower 90s.  I hate the heat almost as much as I hate shoveling snow.  My electric bill doubled from May into June…  -EV for sure.

I have found that the best time to play a SnG is probably not 2:30 in the morning after being out all night.  I was practically asleep at 3:30 when it ended.  It is actually worse for the other players, because I ended up besting them.  2 for 2 this weekend and a bit up in 25c/50c limit.  It was a decent, if not quiet, weekend for poker.

I’m heading to the ranch this weekend for my good friend Jason’s Family July 4th Bash.  It is a pretty big deal, probably 150 people.  There tends to be a bit of drinking.  Two years ago Thacker ended up talking to a tree.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can enjoy ourselves outside.  I will have my camera, but I can’t say how many pictures will be taken- or of what.

I went for a run yesterday morning- about 2.5 miles.  I’ll go for a walk tonight and try and do a similar run tomorrow morning.  It is really hard to get back into this.  Age may bring wisdom, but it also brings creaking knees and a sore back.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.

Mookie always puts on a good event- tonight should prove to be no exception with 57 players. I believe that is anew record. Things went well for me in the beginning when I flopped top two against xkm1245. A short time I flopped a straight with TJ against mowenumdown and took the outright chiplead. Then three hands of infammy. AA against J3s. jjok hit is flush on the turn. Next hand (no really, the next one dealt): TT against smokkee with a scary QQ2 board. I folded to his all-in. KK in the next hand dealt against rons2112’s 77. 7 on the river. I am down to 1K in chips in exactly 3 hands dealt. Meanwhile in a 6-pack SnG I get KK and get it all in against TT. Ten on the flop and I am out 5th. The suckouts are fierce and dangerous tonight.

Well, I made it past the first break, barely.  My night ended when my QTs ran up against AJs.  I flopped the 4 flush, but it never got there and I am out 31st.  Bummer ending for being chip leader not 20 minutes earlier.

Another bust out in 5th from a SnG and poker is done for the night.

iTunes store?

How many people (of the 4 that actually read this blog) have uses the iTunes store?  I am looking to buy some iMixes and want to know your experiences.

Didn’t run today, alarm went off, got turned off, and I slept in.  Felt nice.  I will have to go for a walk tonight to make up for it.

I made a decent run in the WWdN event tonight. I ended up 15th when my TT ran into AA, picked up a straight draw on the turn, but my 6 outer didn’t hit. I struggled from the back of the pack the entire way and felt like I got timely cards a few times and just played solid poker to survive as long as I did. I’ll be back. These are really tough events with very solid players and I enjoy the competition for a mere $11. Tough spot of the night: I had a player sitting out the entire event to my left. Normally perfect for picking up free blinds, but the average player in WWdN never let me. Hard to call a 3X raise with 25o in the small blind.

I played a very cool 6-top SnG on Monday. I stayed out of the way and kept starting stack size until the blinds got to 50/100. Play tighted up huge. Then I pushed, and pushed, and pushed. The players got tight and I got paid. When we got to the bubble the two very similar small stacks got it in and an ace high won. I had a 5-4 chip lead, but two hands later, a raise with 99, a nine on the flop, and a timely check-raise takes the whole thing down. I think I played my absolute best SnG and got rewarded for it. Nice feeling after the trash run I had a few weeks back.

Mavs lost. Again. 4 in a row. Dwane Wade is a stud. That is all.

I switched to watching Madagascar on HBO, much better entertainment.I was going to spend a bunch of time and words bitching out Washington State for their short-sighted, ill-advised move to block online poker and, as it turns out, writting about online poker, but it seems everyone else is. I used to live outside Seattle and it always seemed to be a rational, if a bit liberal place. Oregon and California were always the states doing invasive legislation, not Washington. I know that this bill is going to protect the children, but it is some of the dumbest crap I have heard come out of a politicial since I heard the word “nuke-yoo-ler”. Legalize-Tax-Profit. How hard is that?

Off to bed now. I want to run in the morning before it gets too hot.

Well, that was a waste. I bombed out in the first round when my top two pair could not chase off TPNK with a flush draw. The flush got there and I was out in 2100th or something. Freerolling at it’s best.

3 6x12s with a 3rd and two 2nds later and I am up for the day tournament wise. I also made a good run on the limit tables taking my $10 buyin to $25ish. I actually stacked two people on a 25c/50c limit table. See my recent results here.

Two words: Stupid Mavs.

Three more words: Dumb Ass Phil.

I went running this morning, just over 2 miles. My plan is to run 3 times this week for 6 to 6 1/2 miles total, loop once at Forest Creek for 5 or so miles, and do 3 evening walks the other days. I’m almost motivated again, last year at this time I was running 4 or 5 days a week doing 5 miles a run- then I trashed my hand and stopped for a few weeks to let it heal. I never got back into it and lost an entire springs worth of training.

So most of us are stuck at work with no TV available so we can’t watch the World Cup (or the US Open for that matter).  I found this instruction set on BoingBoing to be able to watch ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and a bunch of other networks.  It uses the TVU networks client and seems to be working pretty well for me.

Enjoy.  I played well in the Mookie last night, but didn’t make the final table when Hoyazo did his patented “Reverse Hoyazo” against me with TPGK against my TPDK (decent).  I lost.  I’m back on my Limit Challenge, a few decent sessions on FullTilt over the last few days.  Check out my progress at on my tracker.

Golf Fun

Played at Forest Creek here in Round Rock today (just north of Austin for you out-of-towners). They started play on the back 9 and aerated the greens yesterday, so it was a tough round. But got my one highlight. I stuck a lob wedge to 6 feet on a par 5 and made the birdie putt. 2nd birdie of the year (yeah, I know I suck) but this is the first non-par 3 of the season. That was after I put a 7 iron to 10 feet on a par 3 and missed the birdie put by 2 or 3 inches. Tee Time was 7:15 this morning and it was already 80. You can imagine what it was at 11:15 when we finished. We are loopers by the way, so yeah- it was quite a workout.