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early Friday update

It is well after midnight, so don’t mind the grammar and spelling…

Results from the last two nights:

10+1 SnGs: 7th and 6th (oof)
Big O Online: 19 of 34 (AA cracked by AK)

10+1 SnGs: 6th and 6th (note a trend? I am)
This is NOT WWdN: 2 of 18, yipee! (99 cracked by K9)

Today was a winning day, but only because of the higher payouts of private tourneys. Not that I am bitching mind you. I am bit unsure of my play in that event because I came to the final 9 either 1st or 2nd in chips (with Mookie). I pissed them all away to last in chips with 6 remaining then got a bit lucky with some draws to double up twice and bring it into the money. BTW: This event was put on by Darval who is the one who sucked out on me at the end and took the big prize home 🙂

I need to spend more time reading and working out my leaks. My tourney PokerTracker stats have 2500+ hands so I ought be close to reasonable stats at this point. Harrington’s Vol 1 is sitting on my nightstand… so I really don’t have any excuses.

While playing in tonights event I took a photo of my new monitor setup. Dual Dell 2001FP 20″ screens that do 1600×1200. I have a Matrox Parhelia card that can span the desktop, so that is what I do. Have a look:

The SnG quest begins

Played in two $10+1 SnGs tonight. 6th and 1st. Both tables were basically rocks. 74 hands until I was busted in the first one and 129 hands until the end for the 2nd. But I turned a profit tonight. First night in awhile.

FYI: I finished 47th of 78 in DADI 5. 8 paid spots, 39 spots gave POY points.

TripJax and I are going to try our HU match sometime later this week. Hopefully Wednesday or Thursday because I might try and make it to the lake for Lanae’s last gig on Friday.

Edit: Don’t forget Mookie’s weekly online event.

I entered the DADI Invitational 5 last night with a chance to win a $1500 seat to the WSOP. It was a who’s who of blogger poker and quite a challange to make a deep run. I ended up finishing at just over 50% which stinks because the top 50% get POY points. I think I played pretty solid- didn’t get into too much trouble. My busting hand (no bad beat here) was a re-raise all-in with TPTK (A-10) and a backdoor flush draw that was called by pocket jacks. I was at under 20 BB and with a pretty big field remaining you just have to push.

It was a good event with very solid poker- and enough donkey play- to make it interesting. I did end up busting TripJax so I get me a freeroll HU match via a bounty. I’ll just need to find a time when the two of us can duel.

I did win a SnG before the DADI event. I think I am going to spend some time concentrating on SnGs and these smaller MTT (like WWdN and DADI) events. The cash game has not been happy to me of late.

Just a few SnGs which I do enjoy, but are seemingly -EV for me. Played 4 over the weekend- cashed in two to just about break even. The last one I doubled someone up when it was 4 handed to get to 1 BB (actually < 1 BB w/ the ante) and was able to backdoor into the money because another player went broke the next hand. Not much of a profit - but way more than the guy who bubbled. Three concerts this weekend. Blue October w/ People in Planes and Bril at Stubbs on Friday. My buddy Chris and I went down and caught the opening acts. Jason and BC showed up and scalped tickets when Blue October hit the stage. Great show. Highly recomended.

Saturday it was GAMF’s 30th birthday at the lake (Gay Ass Mother F-er… he really does hate that). My friend Lanea was doing her 2nd to last gig in their cover band at the same place. We drank some 3.50 domestics and enjoyed the show. There are pictures- one of which may involve me being on the stage. I should probably get those sometimes. I think some of the Vegas pics on there as well.

Kid Scott got some industry tickets from Monica and passed them on to us for- get this- Blue October at La Zona Rosa. It was a Jack Daniel’s event with free drinks- that is until they ran out. Who runs out of booze at a booze sponsered event? People in Planes opened, Bril did not play. A bit different set and being a club venue it was pretty damn cool. Hit the backside bar with Tae Kwon Joe, AllieCat, and Summer after the deal and enjoyed the hell out of a Sunday evening. Today is rough. Really rough.

I had two very bad sessions in my LLH Challenge over the last two days. Results Here. Hopefully I can snap out of it tonight or tomorrow.

No WWdN for me this week, I was running late from work and ended up way late getting home. Probably saved me $11. I did play in Mookie’s weekly event last night. So. Card. Dead. I went to an M of like 5 and had to wait two orbits before I got anything to push with. 66 against AJ. I lost. It happens.

I now have a very cool monitor setup (no pics yet) of dual 20″ Dell flat panel monitors. Yes it is cool. And extravigant. And mostly useless 🙂

However, it is not as over the top as This Guy. 12 30″ panels mounted on a wall. Damn. Scroll down to see his 5 screen setup for his desktop. “Crazy Jon” indeed.

I have started to play golf on Tuesday mornings. By leaving my driver in the bag (and hopefully getting a bit better) I dropped 15 shots last week. Yeah- that was mainly going from one truely shitty round to a very solid one this week. Mook is having a golf-bbq-poker deal on Saturday. It is best ball, so I don’t need to worry about my score. My goal is to be shooting in the low 90s by summer at Forest Creek here in Austin (rating 71.2, slope 128 from the blues – pretty tricky course). I figure by that time I can shoot low 90s/upper 80s anywhere.

That is all. I am heading out. See you on the felt. Or maybe the links.

E-Filed my 2005 taxes today. I owe $5500. Ouch.

I’m working on my Low Limit Challange tracking page (here). It works pretty much exactly as I want with one exception- I would like to put a status percentage next to the running total.

However I’m not sure which percentage to use. My two options are:

Running Total/Overall Level Goal


(Running Total – Level Starting Amount) / (Overall Level Goal – Level Starting Amount)

Currently the first one would be 67.23% while the 2nd one would be 34.45%. I am leaning toward the 1st option for two reasons. One: the goal is to increase my overall bankroll, not squeeze out a level. Two: it is a lot easier to program 🙂

Because of the last few sessions, I am actually above water at FullTilt even if you take out the bonus currently worked off.

Tuesday’s WWdN event is tonight- but I don’t know if I will be able to play. I played golf this morning (don’t ask- I sucked) and I will have to work late to make up for it.

Wednesday is Mookie’s weekly online game. Come play with us- the water is great.