PuTTY Colour Schemes

I have been looking for a good PuTTY colour scheme (yes I used the spelling of ‘color’ they use in the program) for awhile. Years in fact.

This is the default PuTTY colors. Anyone who uses it knows this one:

PuTTY Default

Today with some GoogleFu I found two that I like. One is pretty simple to implement. This one I am calling Lime Sherbet, mainly because it looks like lime sherbet. I got the instructions from Michael Crowley at Mt. Holyoke College. This is his putty setup page. This is what it looks like for me:

PuTTY Lime Sherbet

To do this, you need to set or verify 6 settings in PuTTY listed here with R/G/B numbers:

  • Default Forground: 0/0/0
  • Default Bold Forground: 0/0/255
  • Default Background: 206/255/221
  • Default Bold Background: 255/0/0
  • Cursor Text: 0/0/0
  • Cursor Colour: 0/255/0

The 2nd Option I found is a bit more advanced. It is called Desert color scheme, which is similar to a vim color scheme. I found instructions on the vim.org website: Tip #1291. It is a bit more advanced in that you override the ANSI colors. Have a look:

[Edit: This color scheme is known as “Zenburn“, and I still like using it]

PuTTY Desert

I did not use the registry file, so here are the colors listed manually:

  • Default Foreground: 255/255/255
  • Default Background: 51/51/51
  • ANSI Black: 77/77/77
  • ANSI Green: 152/251/152
  • ANSI Yellow: 240/230/140
  • ANSI Blue: 205/133/63
  • ANSI Blue Bold 135/206/235
  • ANSI Magenta: 255/222/173 or 205/92/92
  • ANSI Cyan: 255/160/160
  • ANSI Cyan Bold: 255/215/0
  • ANSI White: 245/222/179

I am going to use both for awhile and see if I like either. I still might make some tweaks, but they are both better than the default- at least for me.

Anyone have any schemes they are particularly happy with?

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